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Message from Mike Moberley, Chairman Republican Party of Citrus County
3:30 pm
Cleveland, OH from the National Republican Convention

News of great loss travels extremely fast especially in this day and age. On behalf of the Republican Party of Citrus, let me first extend our deepest condolences to the family of Phil Royal, especially to his wife and young daughter. Prayers and heartfelt sympathy are also extended to all close to this extraordinary young man, husband and father. I ask all of our members to honor the wishes as expressed by the campaign family of Phil Royal in the message sent earlier today.

For our family of republicans, we recognize the tragedy of this loss. As republicans, I know we will deeply grieve this young man passing. All of us recognize what a loss this is to our community for someone so young to be gone so unexpectedly. But I ask that we remember what he was doing—he was serving as he always had, supporting a cause for which he had great passion. He will long be remembered and in the coming days, we will together find an appropriate way to honor his legacy.


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In a strong national defense, I am proud that members of our military have defended my freedom and the freedom of others.


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