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Message From Mike Moberley, Chairman Republican Party of Citrus County

2016 Citrus County General Election Voting Results

To All Citrus County Republicans,

As we begin to grasp the magnitude of what just happened, one can only look back and take stock of how much work was put in by so many during this election cycle. Citrus County Republicans should be very proud of the outcome both nationally and locally. I would personally like to thank everyone who put time and energy into achieving this historic outcome. Through our headquarters and from your homes over 16,000 phone calls were made right here in Citrus County.

In the many years I have been involved, I have never seen traffic at our headquarters like we experienced this year. And we know it was Donald Trump who created the energy and excitement like never before. He electrified the voters like no one else since Ronald Reagan in the race for President. This week we will be closing down our headquarters, game over until the next season. We met the challenge but only due to your hard work. It paid off in dividends with the election of a total Republican slate to office.

There are several people in particular I want to recognize. Let me begin with George Gasparini, Citrus Co. Chairman for the Trump Campaign. Another is our Secretary Tony Dimino, who set up the office and fully supported our efforts behind the scenes. George along with help from Barbara Murtagh and Jackie Kulp and others too many to name, but you know who you are please know how much we appreciated all you did. These folks faithfully worked and kept our headquarters office manned six days a week, and toward the end, seven days a week. Thank you all for everything you did.

Most of you know I will be ending my term as Chairman after four years and will soon move into the position of Citrus County’s State Committeeman in January 2017. We can all look back and know our efforts over these last several years were well worth it. We were able to produce a high quality mail piece for our local candidates, ran ads, and did ROBO calls to Get Out The Vote. That foundation allowed us to enjoy the HUGE success we just experienced. I ask you to give your full support to the next Chairman whoever is elected at the December REC meeting.

I personally have received another extraordinary honor to serve Florida as one of the state’s 29 votes on US Presidential Electoral College. Right now it looks to be 306 members who will cast a republican vote, when all the state’s election results are counted, and I will be casting my vote for Donald J. Trump in Tallahassee when convened. What an honor for me and my family to have this opportunity to be able to cast such an important vote. However, that would not have been possible without the grass root efforts of people like you. Together we did it, despite what the press was reporting and now President Elect Donald Trump will soon be inaugurated in less than 70 days as the 45th president of United States.

Many of you have been involved in past elections, but we have a number of new faces in our midst. I encourage everyone to get involved by joining one of the Citrus Co Republican clubs and by joining the local party by becoming a member of the Republican Executive Committee(REC). Because this cycle is now over it does not mean we sit idly by and assume others will carry the work forward. We need to keep the momentum going and now begin to shift our focus to the 2018 Gubernatorial and mid-term elections. Let us not lose the ground we have gained this year. I am attaching some interesting statistics you will find of interest on the election results from Citrus County. Please take a moment and see just how well we did.

Finally thank you for helping take back the United States of America for the people. May our new leaders deliver on the promises made to the people this election season. We have much to be thankful as we celebrate Veterans Day and the upcoming holidays. To you and your families Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, and may God bless this nation and us all.

I am now looking forward to 2017 with great optimism. The words of Abraham Lincoln once again have been proven true, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

Citrus County Republicans Believe:

That our environment should be protected for future generations.

That less government that is efficient fosters an environment for individual growth.

That the strength of our nation lies with the freedom of individual initiative, rather than the burden of government intervention and regulation.

In a strong national defense. We are proud that members of our military have defended our freedom and the freedom of others.

Republican National Committee
Republican Party of Florida


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    The Citrus County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) is the governing body of the Republican Party of Citrus County. The goal of our committee members is to be able to effectively educate, inform and mobilize Republican voters.

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    Citrus County RPOF Chartered Republican Organizations

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  • “The power of the ballot is stronger than the bullet.”